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Our Most Popular Wheelchair
Lightweight and Portable !
Great for Travel !
Folds Easily !
Back Folds Down!
Adjusts to fits most average adults $149.00
Heaviest Piece: 42 lbs.
Top Speed: 5 MPH
Battery Charge (Range): 10 Miles
Turning Radius: 32"
Weight capacity is 300 lbs.
Weighs 108 lbs. $695.00









Wheelchair Rental Rent a Wheelchair Dealers

    Whether you need a wheelchair temporarily while you heal from an accident or injury, or need to rent a wheelchairwhen you travel, renting a wheelchair is a fairly simple task.
    Many resorts, casinos, theme parks and other travel sites rent wheelchairs for guests to use. You can also find wheelchairs for rent at medical supply and surgical supply stores.
    Consider where you'll be using the wheelchair.
    The wheelchair that you rent for home use may not be the one that you need for a camping trip or at a theme park.
    Knowing where you'll be using the wheelchair can help you rent one that is easy to roll over surfaces you may encounter.
    There are many lightweight folding wheelchairs avaiable for rental.Most wheelchairs are very easliy folded and stored. Keep in mind the physical limitations of the individual who will be using the wheelchair. Some individuals may not be able to push their own wheelchair and might need either someone to help them or a motorized one. If you have your own wheelchair and need one to fill in, look for one as close to your normal one as you can find. Consider the distance that you'll be covering and what feel comfortable with. Some people may find motorized scooters better for large theme parks, but you need to be able to work the machine. Check the yellow pages for wheelchair rentals or contact your doctor. Try searching under headings like "Medical Equipment" or "Hospital Equipment" in addition to "Wheelchairs." If you want the wheelchair for local use, contact your doctor or local hospital for information on where to rent equipment. Call the resort or theme park directly. In some cases, you may find that the resort has wheelchairs on site for guests to use. They may be able to arrange for a wheelchair rental or have a wheelchair rental source or medical equipment dealer recommendations of places to call

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  • Centre d'hémodialyse de l'Archette Private dialysis clinic open year-round in France.

  • Connie George Travel Vacation planning for groups and individuals for cruises, tours and packages. Specializing in deaf travel and wheelchair cruises.

  • CyproDial Holiday Dialysis Unit Based in Limassol, Cyprus,gives opportunity to enjoy the island while receiving personalised Hemodialysis with highly trained and multilingual medical and paramedical staff.

  • Delta Air Lines: Services for Travelers with Disabilities - Information about services for disabled travelers including airport and in-flight accessibility and assistance.

  • Dialysis At Sea Cruises Handles medical and travel arrangements.

  • Dialysis Unit at Royal Artemis Medical Center Kidney failure disease patients can now travel to Paphos Cyprus and enjoy their vacations by the sea, while receiving their dialysis treatment in our kidney dialysis centers.

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  • Wheelchair Getaways Accessible Van Rentals Offers wheelchair accessible van rentals throughout the United States and Canada. Handicap ramp or disabled lift equipped vehicles can include hand controls, transfer seats and wheelchair tie downs. Our lowered floor minivans are late model VMI and Braun rental vehicles.

  • Wheelchair Travel Provides rental vans with wheelchair lifts, hand controls, Fiat Fiorino accessible cars. London sight-seeing, meet and greet, airport transfers and day tours also available.

In the last 15 years, the motorized wheelchair (also known as the power wheelchair) has made it possible for hundreds of thousands of Americans to regain their mobility and live their lives independently. The vast majority of these power wheelchair owners received their equipment through Medicare s power mobility benefit. What is the power mobility benefit and how does a person qualify for an power wheelchair? The next few paragraphs will give you some insight into Medicare s guidelines.

Medicare spends around $1.5 Billion annually on power wheelchairs and power operated vehicles (mobility scooters). Medicare considers a beneficiary s ability to safely participate in one or more Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADLs). These activities of daily living include dressing, grooming, toileting, bathing and eating in customary locations within the home (which can include assisted living centers). In order to qualify for an power wheelchair, a person must need assistance with one or more of these daily living activities.

This means if a person only needs help going to the grocery store, the shopping mall or someplace else outside the home, Medicare will not pay for an power wheelchair. The person must have at least one daily living activity need inside the home to be considered for an power wheelchair.

If a person needs mobility assistance inside the home to perform daily living activities, the next thing Medicare is going to examine is if a person can get by safely with a cane, walker or manual wheelchair. Since these are less expensive items, Medicare wants to try them first. Many people may be able to get around with a cane or walker for part of the day, but then weaken or get tired as the day goes on. Others may not be able to safely walk the home with a cane or walker due to frequent falls. Many people will not be able to propel themselves in a manual wheelchair due to lack of strength or other upper body conditions.

Once a person has determined that he or she needs additional mobility assistance inside the home and other mobility aids (cane, walker, wheelchair, etc.) have been ruled out, it is time to consult a physician or medical equipment company to initiate the power wheelchair evaluation and approval process.

Learn more about how you can get a power wheelchair free at Learn everything you need to know about medicare and medicaid at the Resource Center. Visit Today.


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